Wifi Smart Module

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Smart WIFI Module 
With the help of this tiny smart wifi module, you will be able to easily transform your Livolo socket to a built-in smart socket and control it from anywhere with your Smartphone.

Through the Smart Life APP, you can even define a specified interval for the socket to work each/every day, This makes you able to create automation or scenario for your electrical home appliances.

The compatibility with third-party platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistance and IFTTT brings a lot of flexibility in the term of functionality to this module.

An easy example for IFTTT (IF This Then That)

  • IF Sunset, Then Turn on Smart Module which is connected to your table light.
  • IF I am in a certain distance from my home THEN turn on Humidifier. 

You may find more at the following link. CLICK HERE

Voice controlling your home appliance through Amazon Alexa or Google Home is another feature of this smart module which can make your life even easier.

Please note that:

  • This is only the smart module and the Livolo socket module is not included.
  • The smart module does not support Livolo APP.
  • The smart module can handle a maximum of 10A and 2000 WAT.

For “TECHNICAL PARAMETERS” please check “Specification” section.

Livolo SMart Wifi Module
Livolo Switches
Max. Voltage Input: 230V/50-60Hz Output: 230V/50-60Hz
Max. Current 10A
Total Rated Load 2000W
Self Consuming Power Less than 0.5W
Warranty 2 Years
Livolo Accessories
Function Smart WIFI module for transforming Livolo Socket to a built-in smart Socket.
Dimension 47mmx42mmx23mm
Panel Material Fireproof ABS